Ask Your Pharmacy About Our New Web Based Electronic Prescription Writing Tool.

IT Medical Solutions is proud to announce the arrival of our new ePrescription tool for Long Term Care and Retirement facilities.  Your facility Doctors and Nurses now have access to a tool that allows them to write prescriptions on-line and populate the pharmacy’s fulfillment software live.
  • Prescription information is populated straight into the Pharmacy’s back Office
Advantages for both the facility and pharmacy, including:
  • Access from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Directly ties into the pharmacy’s  fulfillment software so that what the pharmacy see’s what the ePrescribe practitioner see’s
  • No more double entry, once entered on the practitioner’s device and sent, the order gets populated directly into the pharmacy fulfillment software.  This alleviates the potential for transcription errors
  • Practitioner can see all aliments, allergies and any other information stored in pharmacy fulfillment software
  • Quick and easy use for Doctors and Nurses
  • Can do more than prescriptions.  You can also send orders for non-prescription items as long as it is in the pharmacy fulfillment software
  • Tracks PRN’s and Nurse Emergency Box medications
  • Direct link to LU Codes if available, saving time for the pharmacy not having to confirm order directions with the Doctors
  • All prescriptions are now legible – Pharmacist’s and techs no longer need to decipher Doctors handwriting
  • Auto storing of database for regulations
  • Rx is emailed and / or faxed to the pharmacy and facility
  • All info is live and up to date, synchronized with the pharmacy’s fulfillment software application
  • Very secure with VPN or network security and proper security protocols
  • Every Doctor may create a list of their top 20 medication favorites with a pull down list.
  • Residents are pre populated through fulfillment software
  • Practitioner can see each resident’s active medications
  • Application will work from a desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Doctors can write Rx’s straight from their office.  They do not have to be onsite.